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Why should I major in Philosophy?
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The mission of the UH Philosophy department includes the education of both MA students and undergraduate majors, and many undergraduates take courses in our department to satisfy the University's core requirements.

Fall 2018 course descriptions can now be found here

Professor Sommers Publishes New Book on Honor

In a new monograph with Basic Books, Why Honor Matters, Associate Professor Tamler Sommers issues a controversial call to put honor at the center of morality.  In this book, Sommers shows how honor can help us address some of society's most challenging problems, including education, policing, and mass incarceration. Counterintuitive and provocative, Why Honor Matters makes a convincing case for honor as a cornerstone of our modern society.

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Assistant Professor Buckner Wins Philosophy Prize

Assistant Professor Cameron Buckner has won the 2018 American Philosophical Association Article Prize for his article, "Rational Inference:  The Lowest Bounds".  The prize is offered every two years for the best article published in the previous two years written by a philosopher under 40 or within 10 years of obtaining their Ph.D.  Congratulations, Dr. Buckner!

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