About the Program


  • Provide instruction in the Chinese language at all undergraduate levels. Chinese language courses will serve as a communication and research resource for students with majors, minors, or special interest in such disciplines as the humanities, fine arts, business, and the social sciences.
  • Introduce Chinese culture by offering Chinese literature, culture and film courses in English. These courses impart students the knowledge that is fundamental to multicultural education and appreciation of diversity.
  • Provide students with the qualifications for career opportunities. Enhance career possibilities of students by providing work preparation in international business and trade, translation and interpreting skills, and teaching positions.
  • Expose students to the opportunities to participate in cultural events organized in Chinese communities and Consulate General of PRC in Houston. Coordinate interactions between the University of Houston and Chinese communities.

As an Academic Program, Chinese Studies at MCL has the following major features.

  • Offers a Major (the B.A. degree) and a Minor in Chinese Studies.
  • Offers a rich curriculum of language courses at all levels and in different subjects from literature to business Chinese. Our students have won prestigious prizes both nationally and internationally.  Brian Pawlic, one of our students, won First Place in the International Chinese Speech Tournament (Hanyu Qiao汉语桥) in Beijing, 2005.
  • Offers interdisciplinary courses on the culture, literature, and linguistics of China, taught in English.
  • Offers a Faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Program. We have 30 students on average each year.
  • Offers 5 annual scholarships to more than 20 UH students annually: 1. The Chinese Ministry of Education Study Abroad Award via the Consulate General of PRC; 2. Sino-USA Friendship Award; 3. Shang-Zhih & Lucia Lee Wu Scholarship; 4. BeiQing-UH Summer Study Abroad Scholarship. 5. Excellence in Chinese Studies.

As an active collaborator, the Chinese Studies program has served the interests and needs of the communities.

  • Offers Lecture Series on China and Asian (Chinese Film Month, Chinese Medicine and its Philosophy; presenters including a NY Times Bestselling author, BP Asian Executive Director, professors, etc.   The lectures are open to public.
  • Co-organizes the Annual Great Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest. All the faculty members of the Chinese program have played significant roles in this large scale event since 2003.
  • Collaborates with the Texas Chinese Consortium for the teacher professional development program funded by the federal funding: STARTALK.
  • Collaborates with local language magnet schools in HISD and the community college system for external grant applications, teacher training, and Chinese culture orientation.
  • Organizes various events such as Teacher Training Workshops for local school teachers, Speech Contests for Texas University Students of Chinese, and culture events.