World Cultures & Literatures
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Our World Cultures and Literatures minor and major allow students to explore global cultures with a focus on a specific world region, theme (such as gender or cinema studies), or language.

Starting in Fall 2013, the World Cultures and Literatures B.A.offers the following areas of concentration:

Ancient Cultures Studies
(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Due Hackney)
Middle Eastern Studies
(Faculty Advisor: Dr. El-Badawi)
Global Cinema Studies
(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hernández)
Global Modernity Studies
(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hernández)
German Studies
(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Glass)
Francophone Cultures Studies
(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Giacchetti)

Graduate Program

Masters Degree in World Cultures and Literatures

Masters Degree in World Cultures and Literatures

Deadline for Fall admission: April 15. Deadline for Spring admission: November 1. 

Bringing Aztlán to Mexican Chicago

Bringing Aztlán to Mexican Chicago (edited by Prof. Marc Zimmerman) is the autobiography of José Gamaliel González, an impassioned artist willing to risk all for the empowerment of his marginalized and oppressed community.

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