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There are many scholarship opportunities through the various language programs of MCL. Review the scholarship section of the programs below to learn more.

  • Classical Studies
    • Renaissance Scholarship in Classical Studies
  • Chinese
    • Chinese Government Scholarship
    • Excellence in Chinese Studies Scholarship
    • Excellence in Chinese Graduate Studies Scholarship
    • Sino-USA Friendship Award
    • The Chinese Ministry of Education Study Abroad Award
    • Shang-Zhih & Lucia Lee Wu Scholarhip for Chinese Studies Abroad & The Beijing-UH Summer Study Abroad Scholarship
  • French
    • The Charles Silin Scholarship Fund (prizes given annually to outstanding students in the program).
    • The Alliance Française annual competitive scholarship of $3,000, awarded for summer study in France by the Alliance Française de Houston.
    • French Government scholarship for study abroad awarded to students in the Angers Program
  • German
    • University of Houston / Universität Leipzig (Germany) Exchange Scholarship
    • Texas-German Studies Endowment Scholarships
    • Max Freund Award
    • Rodney C. Koenig Award
  • Italian
    • Ugo Di Portanova Scholarship
    • Donne Di Domani Scholarship For Students of Italian
    • Federation of American Organizations Scholarship
    • Italy in America Association Scholarship
    • Luisetta Chomel Scholarship for Students of Italian
  • Middle Eastern Studies
    • Saudi Government Arab Studies Award
    • Excellence in Middle Eastern Studies