Chinese Studies

The Chinese Program provides Chinese language courses at all levels as well as content courses taught in English or Chinese. The program offers a Major (Bachelor of Arts) and a Minor in Chinese Studies, preparing students for further study in Chinese, such as a Master’s or a Ph.D., for the teaching profession, or for business and government careers.

The program offers four annual scholarships such as Excellence in Chinese Studies and Study Abroad Scholarships. It provides Placement & Credit Exams administrated by the University Testing Center. The program serves as an active collaborator in the community, sponsoring services including teacher training, a guest lecture series, and a study abroad program.

Master's program
Masters Degree in World Cultures and Literatures with concentration in Chinese

Study Abroad

Join us for a summer in China

Our 5 week program is open to everyone and gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich heritage and culture of China. Scholarships are available.

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StarTalk Texas Teacher Program

Participants will work on curriculum design and lesson plans. Through lectures, hands-on activities and collaborative learning, participants construct their knowledge in a learner-centered environment, and develop their capacity to become master teachers. Application Deadline: April 27, 2015.

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