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Faculty/Staff Support Services

As a member of the faculty and staff, you have the right to feel safe in both your work and home environment. It is not acceptable to experience violence or harm from another faculty or staff member, or someone close to you. You deserve support and have rights after a challenging experience.

If you feel like you have experienced sexual misconduct, you can make a report with Equal Opportunity Services.

Equal Opportunity Services

Additionally, if you would like to speak with someone confidentially before making a report, you are welcome to reach out to Sexual Misconduct Support Services.

Supporting Students

If a student discloses sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, or intimate partner violence, you can ask three questions to assess the safety of the student:

  1. Are you physically hurting?
  2. Do you feel safe?
  3. What can I do for you?

Once you can fully assess the student's safety, please know you can connect them to on-campus resources such as Counseling and Psychological Services or Sexual Misconduct Support Services. To refer a student to our office, you can use the SMSS Referral Form.

It is important to know, as staff and faculty you are mandatory reporters and legally required to report any disclosures of sexual misconduct according to SB 212. After ensuring the student is taken care of, immediately make a report which can be found here. Failure to report sexual misconduct disclosures could lead to termination, fined, or charged a Class B Misdemeanor.

*Completing the SMSS Referral form is the first step, but it's not sufficient for reporting. Please ensure you also submit a report to Equal Opportunity Services after referring the student to ensure you are adhering to mandatory reporting requirements.

For more information on reporting and how to support students in a trauma informed way, you are able to register for our COMPASS trainings led by the SMSS team. If you are interested in attending our next COMPASS training, feel free to register with us.