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Meet your Campus Liaison!

Your UCS Campus Liaison serves as your point of contact at UCS. We can support you with the following:


University Career Services Career Services can present to your students on a variety of career-related topics. Request a Presentation.

In Class Announcements

Your UCS Campus Liaison can share a brief announcement to your students about our upcoming career fairs, events, and services. Email your Liaison to request an in-class announcement.

Name Colleges Served
Priyanka Raut Nursing, Technology, and Education at UH at Sugar Land and UH at Katy
TBD Education, Graduate College of Social Work
Lauren Hermann Hotel & Restaurant Management, Architecture & Design, Exploratory Studies
Adalia Espinosa Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; UH Law Center
TBD Valenti School of Communication; UH Graduate School
Cynthia Olmedo College of Technology
Cynthia Olmedo UH Graduate School; Professional Programs
TBD Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; UH Law Center
TBD Engineering; Natural Sciences and Mathematics