Membership Roster - University of Houston
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Membership Roster

Voting Member Position/Appointment
Debbie Samuels Staff Council (2-year appointment 2023 – 2025)
David Frankfort Staff Council (2-year appointment 2022 – 2024)
Dr. Tomika Greer Faculty Senate (2-year appointment 2022 – 2024)
Kerry Creelman Faculty Senate (2-year appointment 2023 – 2025)
Omar Castanon Metropolitan Volunteer Program Director (1-year FY24)
Samantha Sadeghi Student Program Board President (1-year FY24)
Sarah Khan (Chair) Council for Cultural Activities Director (1-year FY24)
Gabrielle Kostecki Residence Halls Association (1-year FY24)
Benjamin Rizk Student Government Association (1-year FY24)
Gilbert Guadarrama SCPB At-Large Member (2-year 2022-24)
David Boggs SCPB At-Large Member (2-year 2023-25)
Yhoalibeth Guerrero Becerril SCPB At-Large Member (2-year 2023-25)
Fatuma Baharun SCPB At-Large Member (2-year 2022-24)
Non-Voting Member
Keith T. Kowalka Asst. Vice President, Student Affairs
Eve Esch Executive Director, Student Centers
Katy Kaesebier Director, Center for Student Involvement
Bridget Portier Associate Director, Student Centers
Tanya Pringle Administrative Coordinator, Student Centers
Deb Huebler Executive Director, Auxiliary Services