McAllister & Quinn Present Team Science Approaches to UH Faculty

The University's government relations partner highlights successful approaches to team science and convergence research.

Team of Researchers Working Together at a Table, Seen from Above
Credit: Getty Images / Jacob Ammentorp Lund

On April 26, 2023, Francois Botha, managing director at McAllister and Quinn, delivered a presentation to UH faculty highlighting successful approaches to team science and convergence research. The focus of the presentation was on making the transition from a single-PI research model to convergence research with diverse teams.

Botha introduced a model that describes the pathway from a single PI to teams with a shared vision who are competitive for convergence grants. He advised researchers to explore internal award programs as a starting point for testing new waters, and then to pursue single-PI or multi-PI interdisciplinary grants to prepare themselves for larger multi-PI and multi-institutional research opportunities.

According to Botha, the key to team success lies in establishing a shared vision and embracing diversity. He shared best practices around team dynamics and engagement with diverse communities outside of academia, how to lead a team, and reasons why teams may fail. Throughout, he emphasized the importance of starting the planning early.

Botha closed the presentation by covering center-level team opportunities across federal agencies, including the newest agency ARPA-H, and sharing additional resources.

The virtual event, hosted by the University of Houston Division of Research, took place on Zoom. McAllister and Quinn, the federal grant consulting and government relations firm based in Washington, DC, has served as the University's primary partner for proposal development and research intelligence since 2018.

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