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FY18 Small Grants Program Recipients

Brigitte Dauwalder Biology and Biochemistry  Live-imaging of calcium dynamics in the blood brain barrier
Robin Gearing  Graduate College of Social Work  Engaging Indigenous Populations in Health and Mental Health Services
Mark Goldberg History Double Diasporas: Understanding a Latina/Latino Jewish Past
Elsa Gonzalez DELPS/Education  Broadening Participation in STEM: A Qualitative Analysis of Retention Experiences and Retention Strategies of Latina STEM Majors in Higher Education – Pilot Study in the University of Houston
Casey Hackney Modern and Classical Languages  Achilles Unbound
Shelia Katz Sociology Finishing Reformed American Dreams: Welfare Mothers, Higher Education, and Activism
Ryan Kennedy Political Science Understanding Human Trust in Automation for Forecasting Political Events
Renee Knake Law Shortlisted: Women, Diversity and the Supreme Court
Leigh Leasure Psychology Development of a Clinically Relevant Model of Sex Differences in Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage
Mimi Lee Curriculum and Instruction Understanding flexible college instruction in the time of natural disaster: The case of Harvey
Xiao Ma Decision and Information Science Mindful use of Mobile Technologies
Jessica Mantel Law Legal and Ethical Impediments to Data Sharing and Integration Among Medical Legal Partnership Participants
David Mazella English 1771: Genres and Temporalities in Four Cities
Richard Mizelle History "Sugar Diabetes: Medical Entitlement and Civil Rights in America"
Joyce Ogunrinde Health and Human Performance Operational Health and Sport in the Third Ward Community
Sujit Sansgiry  Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy Effect of Message Framing and Involvement to Engage in Preventive Behaviors for the Maintenance of Brain Health
Kristi  Santi Ed. Leadership and Policy Studies  Analysis of Transition-IEP Factors Contributing to the Success of College Access
Boris Shor Political Science Representation and Health Policy in the States
Sandra Zalman  Art History  Monuments to Modernism: Museums and the Contest for Cultural Space