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FY2023 GEAR Recipients

PI College Proposal Title  Award
Tian Chen Cullen College of Engineering Stochastic excitation in the fabrication and characterization of thin elastic shells using acoustics $39,775.00
Dimitrios Kalliontzis Cullen College of Engineering Creating a Green Line of Defense for Hurricane-Prone Regions via Mangrove Forests $39,856.00
Bradley McConnell College of Pharmacy Functional Characterization of Differentiated Cardiac Pacemaker and Purkinje Cells $40,000.00
Andres Viana College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Anxiety Sensitivity, Alcohol Use, and Pregnancy: A Pilot Study $40,000.00
Binh Vu Cullen College of Engineering Smartphone-Connected Platform for Quantitative Molecular Diagnostics with Liquid-Core Waveguide $36,679.00
Weihang Zhu Cullen College of Engineering Bridging the Gap between Image Analysis and Rapid Prototyping with a Pin Matrix Mechanism for Breast Reconstruction Surgical Planning $40,000.00