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Accessible Health is both exceptionally important and lacking in our immediate vicinity and in many locations in Houston and Texas. While already operating inside vulnerable communities through our existing research organizations, there is considerable work urgently required to broaden participation in health and wellness, provide accessible and equitable health services, increase the number of health practitioners, and prepare for the UH Medical School launch as a unique society-focused research and education organization.

Our focus is the development and deployment of new technical advancements in a cost-effective and timely context, to benefit the least served communities in our midst. We aim to weave our sciences, medical sciences, engineering, social, economic and humanities expertise to be the go-to place for accessible and equitable health care in Houston and Texas.


  • drug discovery


    Personalized health and population data interpretation and correlation, analysis and action on health disparities, institutional and regulatory environments
  • cyber-physical security


    High throughput imaging, infectious disease control, management of epidemic diseases, institutional and regulatory environments
  • drug discovery


    Automated diagnostics, remote diagnostics and intervention, autonomous medical devices, remote immunization
  • imaging


    Fabric-based devices, wearable, diagnostic devices, transdermal drug delivery materials, non-pharmacological therapies
  • manufacturing.svg

    Advanced Manufacturing

    3D manufacturing of medical devices in remote locations