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Research Areas

Research Interests – ICH Members

Susan Abughosh

Her research focuses on developing interventions to improve health outcomes in medication adherence and smoking cessation. She established a research team at the Institute of Community Health to study tobacco habits, leading efforts to collect survey based data on smoking habits globally. Abughosh concentrates on motivational interviewing based interventions to improve adherence and subsequent health outcomes in chronic illnesses.

Rajender Aparasu

As a recognized researcher in pharmaceutical practice and policy, Aparasu's research interests are focused on the quality of pharmaceutical care in the elderly, evidence-based medicine, pharmacoepidemiology and medication-related morbidity.

Hua Chen

Her research interests are focused on comparative effectiveness and safety of complex pharmacotherapy regimens (e.g. polypharmacy) to help identify more effective and safe treatment options for children with mental disorders, specifically ADHD and mood disorders.

James Essien

The examination of issues related to HIV transmission among military populations in Africa represent Essien’s core research and academic interests. Other research interests include developing culturally appropriate HIV prevention programs for African American and Hispanic populations in the United States, and exploring issues pertaining to the prevention of tobacco use.


Sujit Sansgiry

His research interests include topics in the area of pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical marketing, and health outcomes research. He uses sophisticated statistical models to understand consumer behavior of various health issues.

Jeff Sherer

His research interests include geriatrics, clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine, general medicine and primary care.