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Proctoring Services


Proctoring services are for students currently enrolled in an online course at the University of Houston. A proctored exam is an exam which is administered under the supervision of an instructor or other approved testing monitor. We created our proctoring service to help students who are unable to complete an exam at the University of Houston campus. Our staff is here to help you and can walk you through any part of the proctoring process. We encourage students to contact our office with questions or concerns on how to set up a proctoring request. An overview of the proctoring process can be found below in How it Works.

If your instructor has set up on-campus exam proctoring, you will need to follow up with CASA Testing Centers. They can assist with setting up your on-campus exam administration. Please familiarize yourself with their rules and regulations.


Verify proctoring with your instructor
The first and most important step is to verify proctoring with your instructor to ensure that you have permission to use proctoring services for your exams. Not all courses allow or require proctoring.
Find a Proctor
You are expected to find and select a proctor on your own. We recommend students select a proctor who works at a university, community college, testing center, or a public library. If you need assistance finding a location, visit the National College Testing Association page to search for a location. Please keep in mind some proctoring sites may charge a fee for which you will be responsible. Once you have selected a proctor, contact them to ensure availability during the needed exam period. 
Submit a proctor request
After finding a proctor that works for you and meets our guidelines, complete our online request form. A request form should be submitted for each course that requires proctoring. Be sure to submit your request form at least one week prior to your exam for proctoring in domestic locations, otherwise we cannot guarantee it will be processed in time for your exam. For proctoring in international locations, submit your request at least two weeks prior to the exam. Additional approvals are required for international locations. Third party proctors (like Proctor U, ProctorFree) are not allowed. 
Review your proctoring approval email
After we have reviewed and approved your request we will notify you via email. This normally takes about two business days. It is important to review the approval message you receive because it will contain a review of what you need to do to prepare for each exam. If your request is denied, you will need to find a new proctor and submit a new request.
Schedule exams with your proctor
After approval, you schedule exam times with your proctor. Exams can be completed at any time during the exam dates provided by your instructor for that specific test. It is recommended you schedule your exam with the proctor at least two days prior to each exam to secure an appointment.
After the exam
Once you have completed your exam we will take care of the rest. Our office returns your exam to the instructor within two business days after the close of the exam and notifies you via email. Remember to keep in touch throughout the semester to let us know if you need any assistance.
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Any exceptions that fall outside of the testing parameters listed in your course syllabus (i.e., taking an exam before or after the scheduled date) will first need to be discussed between you and your instructor. Once a request has been approved, forward the instructor's permission email to our office and we will make the necessary accommodations for you to complete an exam.


To maintain the integrity of proctor exams, proctors must meet several requirements:

  • Relatives and friends are not suitable proctors.
  • Proctors must be able to continuously monitor the student during the exam.
  • Proctors cannot have conflict of interest or have any vested interest in the student's grade or performance on the exam.
  • Proctors must have adequate and reliable access to the Internet, including email services.
  • All proctor documentation, including emails and website references, must be written in English.
  • Examinations will only be sent to the proctor's approved business email. If your proctor's business email is a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other similar free email address, you will need to provide documentation that this is the proctor's business email address.

All exams are to be proctored in locations deemed acceptable by either the Online & Special Programs office or the instructor. Locations include a University, Community College, testing center, or public library. Proctored exams are not conducted in residential settings. Additional vetting may be required for unfamiliar or international locations.


If you wish to cancel a proctoring request simply notify our office via email ( or phone (713-743-3327). Students are not penalized for canceling a request. If you fail to appear for a scheduled exam without notifying our office, you will receive a written warning. If a second exam is missed without notifying our office, your proctoring request will be automatically canceled and we will notify your instructor. A new request form can be submitted for future exams.


If you plan to complete an exam outside of the United States, instructor approval of the proctor is required first. To expedite the process, students using international proctors should only select proctors who work at either a university, community college, testing center or a public library. 


If you are enrolled in an online math course, additional approval from your course instructor will be required before your request is processed. Students should still contact their instructor for approval prior to submitting the proctoring request form. Our office will also seek written approval from the instructor for each online math student who submits a request.  


Per the College of Nursing's student testing policies, all proctoring requests must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the exam date. Nursing students are required to select a proctor who works at a university, community college, testing center, or a public library. Students will need to find a proctoring facility willing to accommodate the student taking the exam on their personal computer. Our office will also notify the appropriate nursing faculty member of each student who submits a request for their course.


Online and Special Programs only coordinates proctoring for University of Houston courses. Students enrolled in a course with another institution who are interested in completing an exam at the University of Houston campus should contact Testing Services. Additionally, University of Houston students wishing to complete an exam on campus should also contact Testing Services.

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