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UH Sessions gives you options in pursuing your degree by providing a variety of courses to help you get ahead or stay on track. Short sessions courses are offered through a condensed schedule during the regular semester in face to face, hybrid, or online formats. Session 2-6 and mini session courses are considered short sessions where students can complete courses in a condensed format.

Five great reasons to register:

  • Graduate earlier.
  • Pick up classes that fill up quickly in the Fall and Spring.
  • Stay on track to graduate.
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • Free up your Summer schedule.

UHin4 participants may also receive additional tuition benefits from enrolling in short and mini session courses.

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We offer short session courses during the regular semesters and mini session courses between semesters. Winter mini and May mini sessions are held each year. Winter mini courses count toward spring enrollment and May mini courses count toward summer enrollment. Sessions 2-6 are offered in fall and spring semesters. During the summer semester, Sessions 2-4 are offered. The availability of courses offered will vary by semester. Students can check for UH Sessions courses on the Class Search page.


Accelerated learning courses can be challenging yet also rewarding. To ensure a smooth experience, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Content is compressed – Expect a full semester of course material compressed into a shorter format. This also means assignments may be due closer together.
  • Be prepared - Expect to purchase textbooks or course materials as you do during a full semester course and purchase them before the course starts. Have reliable access to the necessary technologies for your course. Be prepared to log into your course every day.
  • Ask questions early- Review your syllabus thoroughly on the first day of class. Understand what is expected for course assignments, know how to communicate with the instructor, and where to go for help.
  • Create an action plan – A compressed schedule means falling behind in class can become problematic to being successful. Plan out your coursework on a calendar and commit to spending enough time to complete each assignment.
  • Look ahead – Finished your coursework for the week early? Look at what falls during the next week and begin planning.


As a UH student, you can enroll in sessions courses the same way you register for regular sessions courses, through AccessUH. When searching myUH for classes, use the "Sessions" drop down menu to select a specific sessions. Use the UH Sessions Class Search to find courses offered during short sessions. Students must be admitted to the University to participate in sessions courses.

Questions? Email us at sessions@uh.edu