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Students are required to complete the proctoring request form. Prior to completing this form, students are required to contact their instructor to ensure they are allowed to use proctoring services. Additionally, students should contact their selected proctor to verify that the proctor is available to administer exams.

Be sure to submit your request at least one week prior to the exam date to ensure the request is reviewed and approved in a timely manner. Our office will not accept proctoring requests via email. Please note, you will need to complete a request form for each courses that you would like to request exam proctoring for. If you have any questions about how to complete the request please contact us.

Important information regarding COVID 19
Please note, some testing centers are not providing proctoring services at this time. Prior to submitting a request, confirm by phone or through email that the institution that you have selected is offering proctoring services.

Proctoring Request Form

Student Agreement*
(7 Digit ID Number)
(please provide your first name)
(please provide your last name)
e.g. MATH 1310
Class Number e.g. 20871
Instructor Name
Reason for Request

Exams I Need Proctored: (check All Exams, or if you do not want all of your exams proctored, check all that apply to you; your class might not have as many exams as are listed here)

e.g. Lone Star College Testing Center
Proctor Name

To be a proctor, the above-named individual must meet one of the following criteria, and must not be a peer or a member of your family.

Student with Disabilities Accommodation (check this box if needed)