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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the first teachHOUSTON course?

Any student may register for STEP 1 (CUIN 1101) which is a one hour course. To take any subsequent courses, you must be accepted into the teachHOUSTON program. Email Program Manager/Advisor at for more information.

Does teachHOUSTON count as a substitute for a UH minor?

It counts as a  UH capstone in lieu of a UH minor.

How many hours is the teachHOUSTON course? minor/capstone?

The program requires 17 hours of coursework plus student teaching. Each of the first two courses are one-hour field-based course. The remaining three-hour courses can be taken one semester at a time or in a compressed sequence for students entering the program as sophomores or juniors. See course sequence here.

What type of certification will I have when I complete the program?

Grades 7-12 math, composite science, life science, physical science, chemistry, physics or computer science. 

How is the teachHOUSTON Program different from traditional teacher-preparation programs?

You will gain hands-on teaching experience as early as your first semester.

What are the benefits of the teachHOUSTON Program?

You will discover early on whether you want to pursue a career in teaching
You will deepen your understanding of science and math concepts as you teach.
You will meet other students who share a common interest in teaching.

How much time will I actually spend in classrooms?

You will begin teaching students your first semester in the program. By the time you reach your student teaching semester, you will have taught as many as 15-20 lessons at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

What are the courses in the teachHOUSTON program?

CUIN 1101: Teaching Science and Math - STEP 1
CUIN 1102: Teaching Science and Math - STEP 2
CUIN 3350: Knowing and Learning Science and Math
CUIN 3351: Classroom Interactions in Science and Math
CUIN 3352: Perspectives of Math and Science or PHYS 4342- Physics as Inquiry
BIOL 4340/CHEM 4340/PHYS 4340: Research Methods in Science and Math
CUIN 4350: Multiple Teaching Strategies
EDUC 4314: Student Teaching in Secondary Schools
EDUC 4315: Student Teaching Seminar