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Attention Computer Science Students!

Find out what teaching is like and how it can fit into your career plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider teaching?

teachHOUSTON program has you in a classroom during the first course. You will obtain skills that are transferrable to other areas of life: public speaking, cultivating relationships with students, and breaking difficult topics into easy to understand pieces.

Teaching is a rewarding career; you can transform the lives of students and discover that they transform your life.

The art of teaching is a creative endeavor; designing innovative lessons to engage students is fun and satisfying.

How does teachHOUSTON prepare me to teach Computer Science?

teachHOUSTON program teaches you how to create lessons that are student-centered and active. We break the traditional practice of “lecture then do” and instead help you create middle and high school lessons that have students actively learning and engaged in computer science, no matter the course.

You can use your teaching certificate when you graduate, or use it after you've worked in industry for a while.

What are the attributes of an effective Computer Science teacher?

As a teacher, you can share your love and enthusiasm for your subject to empower and inspire the next generation. As a Computer Science major or minor, you have the enthusiasm that would inspire middle and high school students in your course.

Would I be able to earn a competitive salary as a teacher?

Teachers’ salaries are for nine months of work, with the summers off. Many teachers, including Computer Science teachers, use this time to work on lucrative side projects. The starting salary for teachers in the Houston area is over $60,000.

Need More Information?

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