Department of Mathematics Meet & Greet AIG Information Session

When: Friday, 10/09/2020 @3:00—5:00 p.m.

Where: ZOOM (Online/Virtual event) 

Direct link to the recording: click here ; passcode: Y3$3d=Ma

What is the Meet and Greet?: This event is for all Undergraduate Math Majors, including Mathematical Biology, Math Graduate students, Departmental Faculty and Staff. The purpose of this social is to create a pleasant and comfortable environment among faculty and students.

This Fall the Meet and Greet will be virtual/online and will be an Information Session for AIG

This Information session is meant to introduce students to AIG’s employment opportunities (full-time, part-time, internships) and its culture. The speakers will discuss the following:

  • Speaker Biographies:
    • Which steps were taken to acquire their current positions?
    • What was their process like and what was involved in their preparation to find a position?
    • Which opportunities did they take advantage of that proved invaluable during the application process.
    • Perspectives on “life beyond the degree”
  • Their roles at the company
  • What a typical day looks like
  • About AIG (goals, objectives, who they serve and what they represent)
  • Job/Internship overviews- opportunities/descriptions
  • Q & A Session

*This is an online recruitment event. Please have your resumes ready and dress business casual.


AIG Speakers:

Justice Washington (Actuarial Associate at AIG Life & Retirement)

Christina Hamilton (Actuarial Associate at AIG & UH Math Alumna)

Abdul Ahmed (Actuarial Associate at AIG & UH Alumnus)

Brandon Wright (AIG AVP, Actuary)



(3:00 PM) Introduction & Speaker Biographies 

(3:30 PM) AIG Information/Actuarial Opportunities

(4—5 PM) Open Q&A  




 See below for our Fall 2020 Scholarship recipients:

   Charles P. Benner Scholarship       Walla Mohamedali   
   Charles P. Benner Scholarship    Sydney Nutter
   Charles P. Benner Scholarship    Sephora Yameogo
   Blanche B. Grover Scholarship    Linh Truc Cao
   Blanche B. Grover Scholarship    Skylar Mai
   Blanche B. Grover Scholarship    Bryan Nham
   Math Education Scholarship    Elizabeth O'Donnell



Please see below for our FY 2021 PME Inductees:

   Syed Ali Hamza Abidi    Kristen J. Bean    Ana Lidia Chavarria
   Jennifer Ann Csicsery-Ronay    Tabytha Donnelly    Ashley M. Guerrero
   Omar Ashraf Harb    Matthew Holcombe    Shelby Langford
   Verónica J. Ledezma Monsivais      Carolyn Yen Nguyen      Travis M. Null
   Sydney Nutter    Dwija Parikh    Jasmine Danielle Sanchez  
   Shelbi Marigail Sturges    Elinor Wilson


Spring 2020 Meet and Greet