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Certificate in Financial Mathematics (M.S.)


The Certificate in Financial Mathematics ("CFM") is obtained within our Master of Science in Applied Mathematics program and it has been offered since 2002. A student that meets the requirements of "CFM" will receive a certificate in addition to the Master's degree.

The program prepares students with mathematical foundations for risk management in financial and energy markets. Core-course requirements include Probability, Statistics, Optimization Methods, and Discrete-time and Continuous-time Financial Mathematics.

Admissions Requirement

A student who wants to apply for the "CFM" program should be admitted into our Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics program.

Certificate Requirements

To receive the certificate, a student must take courses satisfying the following requirements

  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of B- or higher:
    MATH 6382, 6383: Probability and Mathematical Statistics
    MATH 6366, 6367: Optimization
  • Completion of the following two courses in the core of finance mathematics
    MATH 6384: Mathematical Finance in Discrete Time
    MATH 6385: Mathematical Finance in Continuous Time
  • Completion of two more courses from the following list:
    MATH 6397: Numerical Method for PDE,
    MATH 7397: Special Topics in Mathematical Finance (The subject varies from semester to semester; possible topics: Monte Carlo Methods in Finance, Analysis of Finance and Energy Time Series), 
  • MATH 6397: Time Series Analysis,
  • MATH 6386: Computational Statistics (Markov Chains Monte Carlo, and Bayesian Statistics)
  • Note: International students can not exclusively register for online courses.

Contact Information

Please contact Professor E. Kao via E-mail for more information about this certificate.


*Note: The correct designation for degrees on the transcript, will be denoted as: Degree: Master of Science, Plan: Applied Mathematics, M.S. ; Degree: Certificate, Plan: Certificate in Financial Mathematics.