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Certificate in Computational Mathematics (M.S.)


The Certificate in Computational Mathematics ("CCM") is within our program of Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, and has been offered since 2001. A student who meets the requirements of the "CCM" will receive a certificate in addition to the Master's degree.

Students who might benefit from the program are individuals who are either currently employed in a Houston area industry (oil, computer software, etc.) and are seeking a terminal professional degree to enhance their skills, or current students who are in other scientific graduate programs and wish to strengthen their future resumes by the addition of this advanced degree.

Admissions Requirement

A student who wants to apply for the "CCM" program should be admitted into our Master of Science in Applied Mathematics program.

Certificate Requirements

To receive a certificate, a student must take courses satisfying the following requirements:

  • Successful completion (B- or higher) of:
    MATH 6370;6371: Numerical Analysis
    MATH 6378: Basic Scientific Computing
  • Successful completion (B- or higher) of at least 9 credit hours of courses selected from:
    MATH 6366-67: Optimization,
    MATH 6372: Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations,
    MATH 6374: Numerical Partial Differential Equations,
    MATH 6376: Numerical Linear Algebra,
    MATH 7374: Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods, or a Selected Topics course in Numerical Analysis.

  • Note: International students can not exclusively register for online courses.


Contact Information

Professor T. Pan is in charge of the "CCM" program. Please contact professor Pan via E-mail for more information.


*Note: The correct designation for degrees on the transcript, will be denoted as: Degree: Master of Science, Plan: Applied Mathematics, M.S.; Degree: Certificate, Plan: Certificate in Computational Mathematics.