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Field Camps FAQ

1.     How far is Red Lodge from the airport in Billings?
Billings Logan Airport is about 50 miles from Red Lodge.
2.     Will I be picked up from the airport or bus station?
Yes, there will be a pick-up from Billings Logan Airport around 2:00 – 3:00 PM on the first day of field camp. Upon arrival, please gather at the airport’s baggage collection area to meet with your TAs. Should you miss the pick-up, you may hire a taxi to get you to the camp site. Taxi fare is around $100.
3.     What should I pack?
An equipment list will be emailed to you well before field camp starts. Meanwhile, if you have any particular concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.
4.     Will I need to bring my own Brunton compass?
You may bring your own compass if you wish. However, we do have Brunton compasses available for you to check out at camp. You are expected to return the compass in good condition at the end of field camp. You will be responsible for any loss or damage done to the compass. The cost for replacing a compass is approximately $300.
5.     Where can I do my laundry?
About once a week, we will take field camp students into town to do laundry and general grocery shopping (if they wish). Please note that while you are at camp, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided to you at the camp’s lodge.
6.     Will there be internet connection?
Yes, but in camp it is limited to academic purposes. There are internet cafes in Red Lodge as well as in the computer center at University of Montana Western in Dillon, MT.
7.     Can I use a cell phone?
Yes, cell phone service is widely available all over Montana and Wyoming.
8.     Will there be any outdoor camping?
Yes, you will be camping for two nights in the Yellowstone and/or Grand Teton National Park.
9.     What are the living arrangements at YBRA?
All students will be sharing cabins with 2 to 7 others. The bathroom facilities are shared with others.
10.  Will there be an orientation for field camp?
Yes, an orientation will be given on the very first night of each field camp session. All students are expected to arrive at camp in time for the orientation.