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Request EAS Funding Form

The Request for EAS Department Funding form, or REF, is meant to be used by EAS department students, faculty or staff who require funding to support an academic or professional initiative that will benefit the EAS department. Some examples include: funding for student events, conference registration fees for students or faculty, professional improvement courses for staff, etc.

How to Use this Form

  1. The form must be completed electronically. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

  2. Once the form is complete, please submit using the EAS department ticketing system, accessible here.

  3. Once submitted, the Executive Secretary will secure final approvals from the Department Chairman and Department Business Administrator.

  4. When the final confirmations are received, the Executive Secretary will respond via the ticket system. The ticket’s category will then be updated according to the type of request.

Click Here to download the form.


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