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All hiring paperwork must be submitted to the EAS HR/Payroll Coordinators  no later than 10 business days before the scheduled start date. Any paperwork submitted less than 8 business days prior to the expected start date will result in a later start date or the selection of an alternative instructor.

Please refer to time table below for the lead times required for:





Undergraduate work studies, TAs, RAs, etc.

6 weeks

Posting Positions & Hiring

Benefits-eligible personnel such as: post-doctoral fellows, researchers, etc.

Domestic – 2 months

Foreign – 4 months

Unpaid leave of absence

All employees

1 month in advance

H-1B Requests/Extensions

All employees

5 months

Summer Salary

Faculty positions such as: summer research, field camps, teaching courses for the Professional Master’s Program and Short Course, etc.

2 months

Changing Grant Funding Source

All employees

1 month

Note: It takes 6 weeks to release an encumbrance in PeopleSoft

Processing Payroll Reallocations

All employees

2 weeks

Note: It takes 6 weeks to release an encumbrance in PeopleSoft

Signing Time & Effort Reports

All employees

2 weeks

Note: It takes 6 weeks to release an encumbrance in PeopleSoft

Please note that all paperwork requires review and approval from the Department Chairman, Dean’s Office, Provost Office and Human Resources. Paperwork is considered incomplete until all approvals are received.

  • By law, all paperwork must be completed  BEFORE  an employee begins working.
  • By law, we  MUST  pay an employee for their work – this includes any work undertaken without completed paperwork.
    • All paperwork submitted after the effective start date is considered late and a justification memo is required by the Dean’s office.  The business office will write the memo, and the office is required to explain in detail who contributed to the tardiness and how we will prevent this in the future.

Time Approvals

  • Time Approvers (Supervisors) for bi-weekly employees should approve the employee’s (Time Reporter) time in TRAM every Wednesday before 12:00 noon.
  • It is important that each employee’s time is reviewed precisely to verify that there are no missed or incorrect punches.
  • If changes are made to an employee’s punch, a comment is required to explain why the change was made. This has to be done before the time punches can be approved. The EAS Business Office will do that for you as long as a ticket is submitted via our ticketing system,
  • If a Time Approver will not be available to approve time for any of their assigned Time Reporters (employees), they must notify the EAS Business Office at least a month in advance so we can make proper arrangements to ensure the employees are still paid on time.

Daily Field Work Options

  • If you go to campus before you go to the field, you should punch in once you arrive in the office/lab.
  • If you travel directly to the field from home, you should log on and punch in before you leave the house.
  • If you go to the field on your way home from campus, punch out from your smart phone or the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

Field Camp Option

  • If you will be out in the field with your supervisor and you will not have the means or opportunity to log into TRAM to report your time, please follow the below steps:
    • Before departing please submit the estimated daily hours that you expect to work, with your supervisor’s signature on it. ( Click Here to see EAS - Field Camp Time Reporting Template to submit) ( Click Here to See Example).
    • Clock in like usual, trying to stay as close as possible to the hours estimated for that week.  EAS will work with Payroll to get these hours approved on time so that you will be paid.  Hours worked above the estimate may not be paid until the supervisor returns.
    • Once the supervisor returns, they will go over your hours worked versus paid with the HR/Payroll Coordinators, and assist with clearing up discrepancies.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the EAS HR/Payroll Coordinators.  Their contact information can be found at

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