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Mailing and Deliveries

  1. Below are the steps that should be followed when picking up your packages:
    • All packages will be kept in Jason’s office.  If Jason’s office is locked, we ask that you please return at a later time.
    • Packages that are ready to be picked-up will be marked with a red ‘R’.  If your package is not yet marked with a red ‘R’, it may not be taken out of the office.
    • All packages must be signed out on the clipboard by Jason’s door.  Any packages not signed out will be presumed lost.
  2. When shipping a package either with UPS or FedEx, please provide the following:
    1. Cost Center Information – Please enter in the reference box as “ST:XXXXX”
    2. Sender’s information
    3. Recipient’s name, address, phone number

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