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Tips for using the Univ of Houston Library

Tips for EAS faculty and students for using the Univ of Houston Library by Paul Mann and based on information provided to him by Christina H. Gola (UH Library) (January, 2023)

  1. The UH library no longer employs a "science subject liasion” - also formerly known as the “Science Librarian”.  This previous official dealt with issues related to the geoscience books and journals of the EAS Department.
  2. Instead, the library has been reorganized into a more holistic delivery mode for library services that includes: 1) a teaching and learning team; 2) A research services team; and 3) a collection strategies and services team.  More information about what services each team can provide to EAS faculty and students are available at:
  3. The Collection strategies and services team is the group is responsible for purchasing new books and canceling or adding new journals related to research in the EAS Department. 
  4. To request the purchase of a new geoscience book that the library does not currently own - pending availability and cost of the item - use this link:
  5. To request a new geoscience journal be added to the UH library - or an existing journal that is no longer being used be cancelled - please send an email to:  A team of collections librarians will meet to evaluate these requests taking into account the cost and availability of the item. 
  6. To use Interlibrary Load (ILL) to request an item that the UH Library does not have, use this link:
  7. Interlibrary loan requests could include: books, articles, scans of chapters from books, and theses and dissertations. 
  8. Physical items from ILL would be available for pickup within 4-7 days of the request.