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Department Key Policy

Note: This “key” access may be in the form of a physical key or card-swipe access.  The department will follow UH policies and procedures in making this determination.
  • Employees will be given access to their office, the mailroom, the copier room, the library, the building and the breakroom. 
  • In addition, faculty and staff are provided card swipe access to our conference rooms throughout SR1.  Grad students are given card swipe access to the computer lab on the second floor and the library.
  • Any additional access that are needed may be requested through the department’s ticketing system and must be approved before the access is granted.
  • For the periodic use of departmental space, tenure-track faculty members are provided with access to the lockbox on the 2nd floor of SR1.  The information to access the lock box is provided via email, and faculty members should keep the information on file for future use.  Note: Some other individuals are also given access to the lock box.  This access is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and need is considered above all else.


Key access to department spaces is split up into 2 submasters keys per floor.  One for labs and one for offices.  Submasters have been put in the lock box for periodic use; however, the department will evaluate requests for submasters if the employee meets the following criteria:

  • The employee is faculty or staff in a regular position (not temporary)
  • They work at least half-time
  • They need access to 5 or more rooms on the same floor on a regular basis.

How to Request a Key

These requests can be made via the ticketing system.  They will be reviewed by the Associate Chair and the DBA before a decision is made.  Need will be considered above all else.

How to Request Cardswipe Access

To get card swipe access to any room owned by NSM, please complete Access/Service Request form and have your faculty supervisor email Marsha Braxton at stating that your request is approved. 

The form can be found at Then click on the Access/Service Request button at the bottom. You will be requesting:
  • Create access
  • Swipe card door access
  • Employee ID = PeopleSoft ID 
  • Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS)
  • You can use your non-UH email address on the form.
  • Check off all the rooms that needed.
  • Don’t forget exterior door if access is needed outside normal business hours.
If there are any rooms you need access to that are not on this form, please let us know which ones they are. Those will be physical keys which will have to be picked up from Key Access Services.

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