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SR1 Building Maintenance Issues

For basic and non-emergency maintenance issues affecting your office, lab, common areas and landscaping around the SR1 building, use the FIXIT service to request repairs. 

To contact FIXIT by phone during working hours, Monday-Friday, call: (713) 743-4948

Online request form:

For questions about types of services provided: Call FIXIT or email

FIXIT is a university-wide, non-emergency facility service that could include these following problems: 

  1. Locks not working (doesn’t include lock changes)
  2. Landscaping issues including broken sprinkler heads, leaking water mains, standing water
  3. Broken/damaged ceiling tiles
  4. A/C problems (room or area is too hot or too cold); note all thermostats are now controlled from locations outside of SR1
  5. Recycled goods pick-ups
  6. No power
  7. Fume hoods not working properly 
  8. Custodial issues (mop ups, spills, trash pickups)

FIXIT should not be contacted for major, emergency building problems that need to be urgently addressed to prevent further damage including the following situations: 

  1. Unexpected electrical outages or surges that could damage computers, lab equipment, and other sensitive electrical devices
  2. Major flooding events originating from outside the building (rainwater from roof and exterior leaks) or from inside the building (broken or leaking water pipes, overflowing air conditioner pans)
  3. Acidic liquid drips originating from accumulations in old fume hoods
  4. Lack of hot or cold water (restrooms, lab areas)
  5. Lack of air conditioning either locally in one area, in a lab area with sensitive equipment, or building-wide
  6. Extreme interior condensation events as seen by water drips forming on walls and ceilings and possibly damaging electrical equipment

For these urgent events regardless of the time of day, first call the UH campus police department: (713)743-3333. Campus police have master keys that can be used to locate the source of problems such as the source of water in major flooding events.  Campus police will also contact UH cleaning services to quickly shopvac out standing water to prevent damage to floor tiles.  

Second, send an email to Mike Mahanay (SR1 building manager) with a brief description of the problem:  

Third, for urgent events affecting lab areas, call the contact person whose phone number is posted on the door.  

It is very important to report any observed water leaks to prevent buildup of water and further damage to the building. 

One area on hold for repairs are damaged floor tiles in SR1 building stairwells and near windows in some parts of the building.  These tiles have been damaged by rainwater from roof and interior leaks and will not be repaired until those roof and exterior leaks have been identified by UH contractors and repaired. 

Coming soon: Web site from NSM providing updating on SR1 building maintenance projects including renovations of restrooms, elevators, and EAS offices