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Professional Master’s Program

Program: Master’s Degrees with Emphasis in Petroleum Geosciences
Degrees: Master of Science in Geology with Specialization in Petroleum Geology OR Master of Science in Geophysics with Specialization in Petroleum Geophysics
Director: Dr. Don Van Nieuwenhuise (Click name for contact and other information)

The Petroleum Geosciences Program offers advanced degrees that provide working professionals the opportunity to earn their M.S. in Geology or Geophysics without interrupting their careers. The curricula consist of focused courses that are delivered in an accelerated sequence to meet the needs and schedules of today’s petroleum geoscientists. The professional degrees are designed to be completed in one to two years from the start of a specialization cohort. More advanced programs can be designed for companies sponsoring an entire cohort (20 students or more) that may take up to two years to complete and require additional appropriate courses to complete the degree. The program instructors are highly-experienced leaders in their fields of study and include the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences faculty as well as adjunct faculty who are highly experienced in petroleum exploration and production research applications.

These accelerated degree programs are ideal for graduates holding a BS or BA degree in Geology or Geophysics and want to enter the petroleum industry or are currently employed and want to improve their marketability or professional position within the petroleum industry.

Advisor Information

Donald Van Nieuwenhuise, Ph.D.
SR1 227

Application Information

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Professional Degree Value

Our professional degrees provide a number of advantages to students with industry experience that want to elevate their overall skill level. Although "short-courses" offer short-term solutions to specific skill-set needs, they often lack in the long-term benefit students receive from solid degree programs. Our professional degree programs are highly intense, focused and timely.

Real-World with a Solid Foundation

The professional degrees offer curricula that address fundamental and practical applications of geoscience technology. Many continuing education programs rightfully focus on practical applications. As a professional degree, our courses also provide basic foundations in the science. This allows students to advance on their own beyond currently popular applications.

Quality Program

The programs in Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Geophysics are accredited and official degrees conferred by the University of Houston. The professors are recognized specialists in their fields, with most having 20+ years experience in research and industry. All courses are continuously assessed by students, faculty and corporate sponsors.

Competency Assessment

An important value of these programs is competency assessment. Unlike short-courses, these courses have graded exercises and tests. This encourages students to take these courses more seriously than short-courses without assessment. Students receive critical and timely assessment of their progress.

Flexible Venues & Times

Courses can be taught at the University of Houston campus or at the corporate sponsor’s facility (for 20 or more students). Additionally, programs are presented with multiple types of delivery systems including 3-D visualization, video streaming and online resources. Students can review each lecture over the Internet. The accelerated nature of the program allows the students to progress rapidly yet focus on one subject at a time without concern about other current semester courses.