Congratulations to EAS Grads Starting Jobs or Internships

Positions Include Placements in the Oil and Gas Industry, Academic Institutions, and State and Federal Agencies

Department of Earth and Atmospheric SciencesThirty-one EAS graduate students are starting full-time jobs or internships in 2016-2017. The positions include placements in the oil and gas industry, academic institutions, and state and federal agencies.


  • Azie Aziz, Ph.D., full-time job offer, Lumina, Houston, 2016
  • Ismail Abir, Ph.D., full-time offer, University of Malaysia, 2016
  • Fabiola Ruiz, M.S., full-time job offer, EOG, Dallas, 2016
  • Long Huang, Ph.D., full-time job offer, Shell, Houston, 2016
  • Denise Furtado, M.S., internship, Borehole Geophysics, Inc., Brazil, 2016
  • Jingjing Zong, Ph.D., internship, Shell, Houston, 2016
  • Nick McDaniel, M.S., internship, Apache Corporation, 2016
  • Andrew Koller, M.S., full-time job offer, Shell, Houston, 2017
  • Abigail Ross, M.S., internship, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia, 2016 and 2017
  • Wenyaun Zhang, Ph.D., internship, BP, 2017


  • Casey Synder, M.S., full-time job offer, Texas Railroad Commission, Austin, 2016
  • Virginia Alonso de Linaje, M.S., full-time job offer, AECOM, Madrid, Spain, 2016
  • Lourdes Rodriguez, M.S., full-time job offer, Sanchez Energy, Houston, 2016

  • Hank Fuselier, M.S., full-time job offer, BMO Capital Markets Corporation, Houston, 2016
  • Yuribia Munoz, Ph.D., internship, Halliburton, Houston, 2016
  • Kellie Rulong-Rasmussen, M.S., full-time job offer, Oasis Petroleum, Houston, 2016
  • Michael Sullivan, M.S., internship, Mertz Energy, Houston, 2016
  • Naila Dowla, Ph.D., internship, Kosmos Energy, Dallas, Texas, 2016 and 2017
  • Juhi Aggarwal, M.S., full-time job offer, Shell, Houston, 2017
  • Patrick Loureiro, Ph.D., full-time job offer, Hess, Houston, 2017
  • Libby Ingram, M.S., internship, Hess, Houston, 2017
  • Janet Kong, M.S., internship, Nexen, Houston, 2017
  • Kivanc Biber, Ph.D., internship, Statoil, Houston, 2017
  • Jordan Dickinson, M.S., internship, Peregrine, Houston, 2017
  • Mariah Michie, M.S., internship, Peregrine, Houston, 2017
  • Nicholas Bartschi, Ph.D., internship, Total, Houston, 2017
  • Shenelle Gomez, Ph.D., internship, Shell, Houston, 2017

Atmospheric Sciences

  • Laura Judd, Ph.D., full-time job offer, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, 2016
  • Xin Lan, Ph.D., and UH postdoctoral researcher, full-time job offer, NOAA Global Monitoring Group, Boulder, Colorado, 2016
  • Jaymason Shelton, M.S., full-time job offer, U.S. Air Force, 2017
  • Luis Ackermann, M.S., full-time job offer, Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, 2017
  • Angela Kao, Ph.D., internship, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Austin, 2017