Geophysics and Seismology Programs Ranked No. 1 in U.S.

High Ranking Appears in Geology Schools and in Campus Explorer

Two different ranking groups have ranked the geophysics and seismology program at the University of Houston’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as the No. 1 department in the U.S.

The No. 1 rankings appear in Geology Schools and Campus Explorer.

Geology SchoolsGeology Schools, listed as a guide to geology schools in the United States, concludes:

“The best seismology and geophysics program in the United States is offered by University of Houston. That school offers an excellent seismology and geophysics program evaluated with five-star rating for curriculum and four-star rating for teaching.”

Campus ExplorerCampus Explorer ranked geophysics and seismology at UH’s EAS as the No. 1 most popular program in the U.S.

The overall ranking of the EAS department has languished in the better known U.S. News and World Report Rankings at No.64 and tied with Boston University. The ranking criteria of the three ranking groups obviously vary widely.

U.S. News and World ReportU.S. News and World Report rankings of other Texas universities include:

  • University of Texas, Austin: 8
  • Rice University: 25
  • Texas A&M University: 32
  • University of Houston: 64 (tie with Boston University)
  • Southern Methodist University: 69
  • Texas Tech University: 88
  • UT-El Paso: 88
  • UT-Dallas: 102
  • Baylor University: 106