Three Students Recognized for Outstanding Research Posters at Annual Sheriff Lecture

Event Organized by EAS and Houston Geological Society

Three Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences students were recognized for outstanding research posters at the joint EAS-Houston Geological Society Annual Sheriff Lecture on November 7.

A panel of 12 judges, including EAS faculty and oil industry experts, evaluated the 47student entries. Students were separated into three categories based on their academic level, with one winner selected from each group. Each winning student received a cash prize.

New EAS faculty member Daniel Hauptvogel coordinated the organization and judging of the event.

Tier 1 (Advanced Ph.D.) – First Place ($1,000)

Yiduo “Andy” Liu, Ph.D. Student

Title: “Post-breakup magmatism in the northern Gulf of Mexico"

Tier 2 (Advanced M.S./Beginning Ph.D.) – First Place ($750)

Yi-Wei Chen, Ph.D. Student
Title: “Seismic tomographic constraints on plate-tectonic reconstruction of Nazca subduction under South America since late Cretaceous (∼80 Ma)"

Tier 3 (Undergraduate) – First Place ($500)

Karissa Pepin, Undergraduate Geophysics Major
Title: “Rayleigh wave phase velocities in Alaska from ambient noise topography"

Special thanks to all the poster judges and volunteers for sharing their time and expertise with the poster presenters:

Hannah Dahdouh (EAS – Logistics Coordinator)
Daniel Hauptvogel (EAS – Judging Coordinator)
Julia Wellner (EAS – Event Coordinator)


Jinny Sisson (EAS)
Rob Stewart (EAS)
Jonny Wu (EAS)
Kush Tandon (Consultant)
Yingcai Zheng (EAS)
Shuhab Khan (EAS)
Heather Bedle (EAS)
Steve Naruk (Shell)
Joel Saylor (EAS)
Alex Robinson (EAS)
Bob Wang (EAS)
Alex Barnard (HEI)