EAS Welcomes Postdoctoral Researcher Alberto Carballo

Working in Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group

Alberto Carballo is a new postdoctoral researcher working with Margarete Jadamec, assistant professor of geodynamics, in the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group at the University of Houston’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Alberto CarballoCarballo received a B.S. degree from the University of Salamanca and his M.S. degree from the University of Barcelona. He obtained his Ph.D. in earth sciences through the Spanish National Research Council in 2015 where he was investigating the upper mantle structure of Iberia, North Africa, and the western Mediterranean from a geophysical and petrological point of view.

His research interests span many different geophysical, geologic and geodynamic processes. Carballo’s current research integrates different disciplines such as petrology, geodynamics and lithospheric modeling in general, to explore and improve our understanding of plate tectonics. More specifically, he is interested in the evolution of the lithospheric mantle, sublithospheric mantle, the interactions between tectonics plates, and their effects on small- and large-scale tectonic processes.

As a part of his postdoctoral research at EAS, Carballo will construct a new lithospheric structure of Alaska and its subduction-transform plate boundary quantifying the thickness variations. Also, he will characterize the upper mantle properties to obtain a better understanding of the evolution in Alaska and estimate the geodynamic processes responsible of the lithospheric structure we observe.