Nicholas Bartschi Awarded Graduate Student Research Grant

Nicholas Bartschi Awarded Graduate Student Research Grant
Support Awarded by the Geological Society of America

Nicholas Bartschi, a M.S. student at the University of Houston's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, received a 2015 Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant.

Environmental Science & Technology

The $1,250 grant supports his research into the foreland basin response to the tectonic evolution of the Late Cretaceous Sevier fold-thrust belt. Bartschi will use the funding to conduct geochronological and thermochronological analyses to determine whether changes in sedimentary flux and stacking pattern are the result of renewed exhumation in the fold-thrust belt, exhumation related to subduction of an oceanic plateau, or initial stages of basement uplift and disruption of the foreland basin.

This research is supervised by Dr. Joel Saylor and is a subsidiary project to the sedimentary Provenance, Exhumation, and Architecture Laboratory consortium.