QPS Spotlights UH Research into Undersea Gas Emissions

QPS Spotlights UH Research into Undersea Gas Emissions
Results of Research Published in Marine and Petroleum Geology

A featured Client Spotlight on the website of QPS, Inc., a purveyor of marine navigation and subsea imaging software, focuses on recent research by University of Houston scientists from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences into subsea gas emissions near Barbados.

Undersea Gas EmissionsThe research team, consisting of UH Ph.D. student Alex Barnard (now at TerraSond), William Sager and Jonathan Snow (EAS), and Michael Max (Hydrate Energy International), recently published study results in an article in the journal Marine and Petroleum Geology (v. 64, p. 31, February 2015). The article describes imaging of methane gas bubble plumes emanating from natural seafloor gas seeps in the Barbados accretionary complex, about 100 km southeast of Barbados Island. The article also described the morphology of the gas vent sites as well as the software and analysis of the sonar data.

Read the UH Spotlight on the QPS website: http://www.qps.nl/display/main/clientspotlight

Article in Marine and Petroleum Geology