Geology Major Selected as NSM Ambassador

Geology Major Selected as NSM Ambassador
Ambassadors Represent the College at Numerous Events

Sabrina Nicole MartinezGeology undergraduate Sabrina Nicole Martinez was recently selected for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Ambassador Program.

NSM Ambassadors help communicate the quality of the undergraduate experience and the wealth of opportunities available at NSM to other undergraduate students. The position of NSM Ambassador is highly competitive and requires a high GPA, excellent written and verbal communications skills, strong leadership skills, integrity, and a professional work ethic.

Sabrina will be one of the first Geoscience-related ambassadors for the College. Ambassadors participate in college-level events such as the Culture and Science Signature events, receive leadership training, and earn a $500 per semester stipend for two years.

Sabrina is working on an undergraduate research study of the effects of Quaternary sea level changes on the paleogeography and evolution of various species in the Caribbean region.