Research by Master's Graduate Recognized with Cover Photo of Sedimentology

Research by Master’s Graduate Recognized with Cover Photo of Sedimentology
Photo Selected for Cover of April 2015 Issue

The published research of Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences alumna Jennifer A. Barth (M.S. ’12) was recognized by the selection of her photomicrograph as the cover photo for the April 2015 issue of the international journal, Sedimentology.

SedimentologyThe cover photo was selected from the article “Cool Water Geyser Travertine: Crystal Geyser, Utah, USA.” The research was supervised and co-authored by Hank Chafetz, University of Houston professor of geology and carbonate petrology. Chafetz is one of the world’s leading experts on travertine deposits.

The photomicrograph in cross-polarized light shows the texture and composition of a travertine precipitated from carbonate-rich waters that erupted from a poorly plugged oil well. The pisoid in the center displays well-developed concentric cortices composed of carbonate crystals. Iron oxide exterior coatings on pisoids as well as adjacent sandstone clasts strongly resemble Frutexities and are believed to be a bacterially-induced precipitate.