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  • Brand Guidelines

    Adherence to these guidelines will ensure consistency and recognition of the University of Houston brand. Recognition of the greater University brand benefits each of its programs and key segments independently moving forward.

  • Brand Management, Licensing & Trademark Policies

    To ensure we collectively maintain consistency in brand, we have listed our corresponding UH & UHS policies as well as a list of FAQs to aid in the creation, review and approval of materials created using the university brand and its trademarks.

  • Bulk Email Policies & Procedures

    If you have important information that you need to share with large segments of the UH community, including various alumni groups, you make want to use the University’s bulk email services. Here’s how to submit your material and the general guidelines you need to follow.
  • Editorial Style Guide

    Printed and online publications, distributed to internal and external audiences, are a vital part of our image. This editorial stye guide is based on the Associated Press 2016 Stylebook and is a way to manage consistency in the way we present ourselves.

  • Email Signature Guidelines

    Email Signature Guidelines

    Because of the wide variety of formats used by faculty and staff, the university has adopted a standardized signature format to help e-mail signatures reinforce the University’s brand identity, as well as convey important contact information.

  • Filming at UH

    On-campus photography and videography must be consistent with UH policy and not interfere with the ongoing operations of the University. Our guidelines are available to all film shoots on campus.

  • Mobile App Guidelines

    The UH Go mobile app is the official university app for the University of Houston. UMCMR helps manage the app brand, user experience and notifications.

  • News Media Policy

    To provide clear, concise communications, all media inquiries should be channeled through the Office of Media Relations. This policy was established to describe the University's position with respect to interacting with news media representatives.

  • Paid Online Media Guidelines

    Paid media is a popular and effective way to reach your audience. Use these guidelines to help you navigate the policies around engaging with the platforms or vendors.

  • Photo Release Guidelines

    Understand when is a photo release typically required.
  • Push Notifications Guide

    The UH Go mobile app allows the University to send notifications through the app directly to our audience. These guidelines are set forth to ensure a positive end user experience.

  • Social Media Policy

    We encourage our students, faculty and staff to embrace social media as a convenient, engaging and impactful communication tool. The guidance provided here references important legal information, along with supplementary social media best practices.

  • profile image

    Social Media Profile Images

    Many UH colleges, programs, departments and business units use official UH social media profile images in their social media accounts to express their connection to UH and to differentiate from competing accounts.

  • Statements

    As a public Institution, the University works to maintain a positive campus environment that promotes affirmative action, diversity, and equal access to all. Some printed materials must carry statements that reflect our commitment to this mission and our compliance with certain legal guidelines.

  • Web Accessibility Standards

    All University web pages should be accessible in some form to those with disabilities, be they technological barriers (slow modems) or physical barriers (users with impaired vision).

  • Web Best Practices

    All websites for Colleges, Divisions, Departments, Centers and Institutes that are funded by the University shall follow UH brand guidelines. These practices can apply to any website, whether they are in the UH CMS or another platform.

  • Web Style Guide

    UH websites published with Cascade CMS have default styling options for consistent branding. Special considerations should be made when using color, fonts or content on the UH website.