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Jesse Clayton Jacobs

Jesse Clayton Jacobs ('12), named after his paternal grandfather, was born in the aftermath of an unusual El Paso, TX downpour on September 20th, 1982. He was apparently in a hurry to make his arrival in the world as the total time of labor during this birthing was less than five hours. An only child, he was inquisitive and active and lived life the same way he entered the world, in a hurry.

He wanted to experience everything, never locking in on one path or focusing on one activity, but sampling what he could and then rushing head-on to the next experience. He found financial success at an early age and as a result never completed his college degree as a young man but learned the hard way, despite his success, that decision was a limiting one.

In 2010 he returned to school attending the University of Houston, earned his degree in December 2012.

Tragically, just as he was entering the prime of his life, he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 32 on March 14, 2015, but he crammed a lifetime of living into his all too brief life doing it his way all the way.

Those closest to Jesse have chosen to honor Jesse’s memory by creating this endowment scholarship for the LGBTQ community and asked that the endowment remain open for additional donations in the hope that others may choose to grow the scholarship and/or LGBTQ related programs at the University of Houston. They thank you for your generosity.

The Jesse Clayton Jacobs Memorial Fund

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