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Peer Mentoring Program (Mentee)

Become a Mentee and Get Connected

Do you need someone to talk to who understands what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ student at UH? Our mentors are here to help you work through any of the following areas in your life:

  • Setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Exploring your multiple identities (e.g. gender, cultural, religious, sexual orientation, etc.).
  • Finding a comfortable place in the community (e.g. UH, Houston, LGBTQIA+, etc.).
  • Discovering your purpose in life (e.g. your career path).
  • Developing mature relationships (e.g. friends, dating, accessing faculty, etc.)
  • Creating a balanced life (e.g. work, rest, and playtime!)

Mentors help you to clarify what you value, and then assist you with taking the steps to accomplish your goals.

Time Commitment for Mentees

  • Orientation with all mentors/mentees where you will meet your mentor (2 hours)
  • Weekly contact with your mentor (a minimum of 15 minutes).
  • Monthly meeting with your mentor (a minimum of 1 hour).

The Mentee Application Process

All potential mentees must fill out and submit a mentee application to the LGBTQ Resource Center. After applying, the Mentoring Program will contact you to set up an informal meeting at the center or somewhere else on campus you feel comfortable (FY21 - all meetings will be online). We want to answer your questions and make sure the mentoring experience is right for both you and your mentor.

Instructions to register:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Access UH account
  • Step 2: Click the Get Involved button
  • Step 3: Complete the Mentee Application

Please email Lorraine Schroeder if you have any issues.