Visibility Project

In celebration of National Coming Out Day 2010, the LGBTQ Resource Center ran a half page ad in the Daily Cougar listing all "out" UH staff, faculty, students and alumni who voluntarily participated. The list is now posted on the LGBTQ Resource Center's website where it can continue to grow and be a source of pride and inclusiveness for all of UH's LGBTQ community and allies.

To participate in the Visibility Project, please fill out this FORM and send it to the LGBTQ Resource Center, Student Center North N201 or fax to 713-743-5097.


Christopher Bacon Adjunct Professor, Law School
Colt Keo-Meier, PhD Lecturer
Dr. Jeb Mueller Asst. Professor, Moore School of Music
Dr. Matthew Caputo, Ph.D. Mathematics
Guillermo De Los Reyes, PhD Professor, Spanish; Director LGBTQ Studies Minor
Holly M. Hutchins, Ph.D. Associate Professor, College of Technology
Lee Andrew Hilyer, MLIS, M.Ed. Head of Information and Access Services
Lee Harrington Lecturer, Journalism, Communications
Maria C. Gonzalez Associate Professor, English
Mark Horner Director of Students, United Campus Ministry of Greater Health
Martha Serpas, M. Div., Ph. D. Professor, English
Michael Adair-Kriz, PhD Visiting Asst. Prof., Modern and Classical Languages
Natalie Houston Associate Professor, English
Nathan Grant Nathan Grant Smith, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Rachel Afi Quinn Postdoctoral Fellow, Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies
Richard Olenchak Richard Olenchak, PhD, PC Professor, College of Education
Robert Wimpelberg, PhD Professor, College of Education
Ronnie Self Ronnie Self Associate Professor, Architecture
Shawn Vaillancourt, MLIS Education Librarian
Thomas Schanding Thomas Schanding FORMER: Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology


A. Chantelle Pseekos, PhD Psychological Counselor, CAPS
Adam Timmons  Academic Advisor, UScholars
Amethyst Hazelrigg Institute for Molecular Design
Ann McFarland Ann McFarland, LMSW-AP Director, Office of Community Projects, Graduate College of Social Work
Anthony Tello Advising Assitant, English Department
Beth Borck Beth Kungel Borck Director of Development, Honors College
Billy Hoya  Program Coordinator 2, UH Libraries
Carlo Deason Carlo Deason, MA, MBA  Academic Advisor III, Community Liaison Officer, College of Technology 
Charles Miles  Multicultural Recruitment Coordinator, Admissions
Chilisha Randle Security Officer, UHPD
Christopher Conway Library Supervisor, Architecture and Art
Cody Pelletier HR Manager
Colleen Schmidt Area Coordinator, Residential Life and Housing
Daniel Willis  Financial Assistant, Office of Stewardship
David Ranschaert, MA Counseling and Psychological Services
Donita Dalton Optometry Graduate Program Manager
Donna Rickard Donna H. Rickard Executive Assistant, Bauer Dean's Office
Doug Eck Douglas Eck Assistant Dean of Students, Dean of Students
Dr. Laura Jean McGuire Sexual Violence Resource and Education Program Manager, UH Wellness
Patrick Lukingbeal Dr. Patrick Lukingbeal Director, UH Wellness
Edward Manouelian Edward Manouelian  Academic Advisor, Political Science
Esmeralda Sotelo Health Promotion Specialist, Graduate College of Social Work
Evelio Salinas Evelio Salinas Escamilla Researcher 2, Graduate College of Social Work, Center for Drug & Social Policy Research
Gil Allon Gil Allon Program Manager, Bauer College of Business
Jaclyn Denny Academic Advisor, School of Art
Jamie Gonzales LGBTQ Resource Center, M.Ed. in Higher Education
  Jason Archer Event Coordinator
  Jenine S. Cinco Operation Coordinator
Joseph Moore Sr. Director of Development, UH Arts
Kecia Branch Program Coordinator, Law Center Career Development
Lacey Schmidt Lacey L. Schmidt Executive Director, Faculty Engagement and Development (FED)
Landis Odoms Academic Advisor, Sociology / Comparative Cultural Studies
LaTise A. Carter Office Coordinator, Urban Experience Program
Lisa Rose Admin Assistant, Advancement University Marketing & Communication
Lorraine Schroeder Lorraine Schroeder  Director LGBTQ Resource Center
Lyle Tate Lyle Tate, M.S. Program Manager for Admissions, Recruiting, and Student Services, College of Optometry
Michele Richey Program Coordinator, UScholars College Success Program
Moodie Griffith Security Officer, UHPD
Mr. Shannon C. Reed, MBA Residence Life Coordinator, Student Housing and Residential Life
Nathan McKee Libraries Information and Access Services
Oliver Blanco Oliver Blanco Career Counselor, Bauer College of Business Rockwell Career Center
Sam Byrd University Marketing, Communications, and Media Relations
Scott A. Moore Director of Processing, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Alum – Theatre, 1991
Seth Evans Administrative Staff, Chemistry Department
Tania Rendon, M.A. E.Ed Counselor, Counseling and Psychological Services

Students & Alumni

Alejandra Cruz Kinesiology
Alex Grandstaff English-Creative Writing 
Allison Glenney Master of Social Work
Allyson Gulihur Biology
Amanda Reimer Theatre/Stage Management
Andrea Washington, LCSW Masters, Social Work, 2003
Andrew Estrada Educational Psychology
Ann Arnold Chinese/CLASS 
Aubrey Peloubet Electrical Engineering
Austin Hodges Geology
Becca Keo-Meier Becca Keo-Meier Psychology / LGBTQ Studies / Graduate College of Social Work
Bradley Odom-Harris BA Communications, 1996 
Brandon Carroll Ed.d Professional Leadership, 2012
Brook Sell Pre-Business
Caitlyn Craft  College of Technology, Computer Information Systems, 2010
Caleb White Biochemistry
Carlos Hernandez Chemistry
Cassandra (Cassie) Gianni Economics, Spanish, Phronesis
Chad Sebastien Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Charles Cooper Creative Writing
Christian Rogers Marketing, 1995
Cody McGaughey History
Cortney Carney Social Work GCSW
Cristina Davila Mathematics
Daniel Nolan Photography/Digital Media
Dennis Ha HRM, 2010
Derek A. Fuzzell Accounting 
Dimas Cardoza  Finance Major, 2001
Elizabeth Alleen  History and Spanish 
Eric Pietsch Accounting
Erika Candice Lyles Communication Sciences and Disorders
Giselle Andujar Psychology
Guadalupe Orozco Biology and Anthropology
  James Kovach J.D, 1991
  Jamie Gonzales 2016
Jenn Wigle School of Theatre Major, 2010
Jennifer Hernandez Psychology
JoAnn Sanchez Psychology/Communications Sciences and Disorders
  Jose Aguilar, Jr. Communications & Creative Writing 
Jose Lopez Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2002
Josephine P Tittsworth, LMSW Social Work Doctoral Candidate
Joshua Sutherland Human Resources
Kalob Carter Psychology 
Kamah Asha Wilson Graduate College of Social Work
Kasia Hinkson Political Science Doctoral Student
Kathryn Fergus Social Work GCSW
Katrina Foster Accounting
  Kevin Baucom JD, 1993
  Kevin Hamby BFA - Interior Design, 2006
Kristen Capps Law Major, 2003
  Lance Reyna Political Science
Lauren Truett Pre-Business
Lou Weaver Communications / Public Relations
Madison Lee Musler Economics
  Manni Ron Architecture
Marco Zannier B.A. English, 1996
Mario Palma Architecture 
Mark Alvarez UScholars 
  Marquisa Rodriquez Graduate College of Social Work
Matthew J Jones Psychology
Mayra Mares Architecture
Megan Caldwell  Biology, Anthropology, 2010
Melanie Pang Graduate College of Social Work
Melisa Campagna Kinesiology Wellness/Fitness 
Michael Bradford Chemical Engineer 
Michelle De Belen Communcations and Liberal Studies
Monique Hall Hotel & Restaurant Management
Myron Day  MPA Psychology Major, 1997
  Natalie Slaughter Political Science
Natty Lewis Social Psychology 
Nicolas Brines BS Psychology, 1992
Phyllis Randolph Frye
Priyank Pillai Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Raquel Vasquez Business
  Ray Staley Chemical Engineering
Robert Lee Arnold Political Science
Robin Lewis Philosophy
Rolando Dans, Jr. Communications Major, 2007
Ryan Benson CLASS: Advertising
Ryan Samples Art
Sarah Clarke History, 2012
Scotty Tucker Business
Seto Herrera English 
Tyshayna Louis Pre-Psychology
Wendy Harshbarger B/A Social Studies, 1970
Weston Berry Architecture
Yesenia Chavez Political Science / Liberal Studies, Minor