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IT Change Management Committee (CMC): Roles & Responsibilities

Change Management Committee Chair - CMCC
  • Chairs the CMC
  • Oversees the Change Management Process and presents the documentation to the CMC for review and approval
  • Makes final decisions on policies and procedures
  • Appoints the CAB Facilitator, Secretary, and FSC Planner
  • Oversees and reports the CMPR
Change Advisory Board Facilitator - CABF
  • Facilitates the weekly CAB meetings via the webtool
  • Enforces rules of conduct during weekly meetings
Change Advisory Board Scribe - CABS
  • Records, distributes, and files minutes for each CAB meeting
  • Makes CMC records available upon request
Change Advisory Board FSC Planner - FSCP
  • Posts and administers the Forward Schedule of Changes on the web
  • Serves as the keeper of records for all planning documents
  • Maintains and verifies the CMC Web Tool software
Change Manager - CM

Responsible for:

  • Any and all changes within their group
  • Timely approval of all RFCs from CR
  • Accurate assessment of Urgency, Risk and Impact of change
  • Providing justification for emergency changes
  • Confirming CAB approval and notifying CA to proceed with change
  • Ensuring that open cases are closed by the CA/CR in a timely manner
Change Requestor - CR
  • Consults with CA (if the CA is not the CR) before making the RFC via the webtool
  • Enters all data into the CMC Web Tool in time for CAB review
  • Iterates as needed with the CA and CM for successful change implementation
Change Agent - CA
  • Consults the FSC for the optimized scheduling time before contacting the CR
  • Provides contact information and all details of the change to the CR
  • Actuates the RFC after approval by CAB or the REC after approval by the CM
  • Reports the final outcome of the Change back to the Change Requestor within 24 hours after the scheduled implementation time