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IT Change Management Committee (CMC): Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Change Manager?

A Change Request should be completed and presented to the Change Management Committee by the technical group which will be implementing the change.

  • Changes to server hardware or operating systems should be presented by the manager of IT Enterprise Computing Systems (ECS).
  • Changes to server hardware in the Sun Center of Excellence or High Performance Computing area should be presented by the manager of the High Performance Computing group.
  • Changes to Oracle dbms or database maintenance should be submitted to the manager of IT Enterprise Systems Technical Support Services (ES-TSS).
  • Changes to WAN/LAN should be presented by manager of IT Network Planning and Development Group (NPDG).
  • Changes to LAN infrastructure or facility changes should be presented by the manager of the Network and Computing Operations group.
  • Changes to PeopleSoft applications, both internal and external objects, or accessing table data, should be presented by the IT ES technical managers on behalf of the functional representative of the respective component. Requests should have the approval of local component leadership before submitting to UHS IT ES.
  • Installation of PeopleSoft Application patches should be presented by the technical application managers of IT ES.
  • Installation and upgrades to third party software should be presented by an IT ES manager for functional applications, by IT ECS manager for software to support the servers, by IT ES Technical Services manager for software to support databases, by IT ITAC to support LAN/WAN networks.
  • Changes to the PS Launcher should be presented by the technical manager of IT Enterprise Systems (ES).

If the above is not clear or you have any questions, please feel free to attend the CMC Wednesday meetings or contact the Change Management Committee Chairman directly.

How do I register to use the CMC tools?

You should contact Diane Trippel to obtain the form that is needed to allow you access to the PeopleSoft System.

What changes should I report to my Change Manager?

All changes that could potentially disrupt or degrade critical services provided by IT must be requested. If you have even a shadow of a doubt as to whether a change should be reported, consult your Change Manager as soon as possible, or better yet just make the request and let the Change Manager decide whether it is appropriate. The CMC would prefer that you err on the side of extra caution in all cases.

The changes to be reported to the committee consist of those changes that are at a system level and not at a station or user level. The following is a list of items that when a change occurs, it should follow the change management process.


  • Hardware/servers
  • Operating System versions/patches


  • WAN/LAN Hardware/servers
  • Operating Systems versions/patches
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Cabling
  • Circuits
  • Video
  • Voice
  • Data


  • Hardware, UPS, Generators, PDU
  • Environmental
  • Equipment Moves

Applications: Software version changes

Databases: Software or database application

How do I handle Emergency Changes?

Emergency Changes are those changes which will result in a loss, degradation or risk to IT services unless they are completed before the Change Advisory Board can review it. Changes to restore service or to mitigate a clear and present danger to the infrastructure are justifiable Emergency Changes.

In the case of an emergency outage, the Event Manager is responsible for contacting ITAC and opening a Change Request as soon as the Event is detected. The Event Manager is responsible for reviewing the FSC before authorizing any change and all Change Agents must contact their Change Manager before implementing any emergency changes.

When Should I Open and Close the Change Request?

You should make the Change Request as soon as you have a fairly reliable date set. If the date/time has a high degree of uncertainty, you should note that in the "Change Details" section of the form. You should file the request at least one week in advance, but you must file all non-emergency changes in time to be reviewed by the CMC before implementing the change. You should close the change out by modifying the "Change Status" as soon as you have the information to enter, but preferably within one business day of the change.

How do I make recommendations for changes in the CMC Policies and Procedures?

The best way to make recommendations to the CMC is to attend one of the Wednesday Weeklies and make your suggestion there. If this is not feasible, you are welcome to send email to the Change Gatekeeper directly.

How can I see a view of currently scheduled changes so that I may plan my change?

You can see the calendar when you are logged in from the Web Tool.