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IT Change Management Committee (CMC): Field Descriptions

Notification Form Tab

Assigned to UH Release
Please ignore this field.
Describe the change at a high level with a sentence. It should allow easy identification of the change at a later date.
Date Information
Include any Date information relevant to the change.
Change Status
This is a description of what actually happened to a Scheduled Change and should be filled out as soon as possible after the Forward Schedule of Changes entry for that change. Here is a list of possible values for this field:
Backed Out
The change was performed, but was unsatisfactory and the system has been restored to its original state.
The change was not performed.
The change was performed and the Change Requestor has closed the Change Request (additional comments may have been added).
The Change Request was put on the calendar but has either 1) Not been approved or 2) Not been closed (i.e. the Change Status has not been entered).
The date and/or time for the Change Request has been changed after it was CMC-Approved.
This is the urgency of the change in terms of how quickly it needs to be performed. The Change Requestor must select "Emergency" for all Requests are performed before CAB approval.
Include any location information relevant to the change.


The values for the fields User ID: / Department: / Name: / Telephone: are automatically populated from the Change Requestors' "Preferences" Menu under the Change Management Menu item. All Change Requestors must fill out their "preferences" at first login or as soon after as possible.

Change Agent

This field is editable and should contain as much contact information as possible.

Change Details

Change Description
This is informational and should as much detail as possible for future field-searching. Please feel free to include attachments as needed.
Business Impact
This is an assessment of the impact on services that are affected by the change assuming the most likely (i.e. anticipated) outcome.
Risk Assessment Δ
This is an assessment of the likelihood of the worst possible outcome for performing this task. This should take into account the criticality of services being changed, the impact to those services, and the date/time that the change will occur.
Impact Details Δ
This should specify as much detail as possible as to what services could be affected by changes to this system as well as any additional information that might be useful in forecasting the impact on IT services. The details should cover both the most likely and worst-case scenarios.
Change Cost
This is only informational and may be omitted.

Δ Note: While the Change Agent, Requestor and Manager should all be involved in deciding Risk and Impact Assessment, the Change Manager is ultimately accountable for the accuracy of the assessment. Change Managers should use policy, experience, facts, and intuition to make these decisions.

Nature of Change

Please note that you may add several "Nature of Change" dialogue boxes by clicking the "+/-" in the top right corner of the box.

What general type of change is it?
Sub Category 
What specific type of change is it?
Additional Info
Here is the appropriate place to add detail for future reference and as additional explanation. Please feel free to use liberally.

 Note: The Category and Sub Category fields are easily edited and will evolve as time goes on. Please contact either the CMC chair or the Change Advisory Board FSC Planner to request modifications to these two lists.