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IT Change Management Committee (CMC): Glossary

Change Advisory Board - CAB

A dynamic group of people that is convened weekly and whose specific membership depends upon the change. The CAB approves Changes with medium to high priority, risk, or impact.

Change Management Committee - CMC

The group of all Change Managers.

Change Management Performance Review - CMPR

A quarterly review of the CMC members', Change Requestors', and Change Agents' compliance with policies and procedures. A simple measurement will be made of the total number of: RFCs, RECs, & UCs.

Change Manager - CM

Responsible for the Change Management process and authorizes all changes.

Forward Schedule of Changes - FSC

Contains details of all RFCs and their proposed implementation date.

Projected Service Availability - PSA

Contains details of changes to agreed Service Level Agreements and service availability because of current FSC.

Requests for Change - RFC

Every change to the IT Infrastructure must go through Change Management. An RFC is formally issued for every change request.

Request for Emergency Change - REC

A request for a change that will impact service levels or increase risk if it is not implemented before the CAB convenes to approve it.

Unapproved Change - UC

This is any change that is authorized by the Change Manager for implementation that is not approved by the Change Advisory Board. (Recall that the CAB will approve justifiable RECs after they are completed.)