UIT Strategic Priority: Data Management and Analytics - University of Houston
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Data Management and Analytics


Data Management and Analytics services are core components in our efforts to facilitate information-based decision making. The Data Warehouse infrastructure has grown since its inception in 2007 and now holds over 1.5TB of data to provide an efficient data reporting and visualization capabilities for the campus community. On average, there are 575 daily visits to UH public and private dashboard websites.


  • With the University – Community Advancement: Managing an enormous quantity of data and making it easily accessible to executives and managers keeps UH on track to fulfill the workforce needs of our rapidly growing city and region.
  • With the University — Student Success: By presenting concise, clear, up-to-date insights derived from vast underlying data, UIT helps inform critical decisions that boost the ability of our students to successfully complete their educational objectives.
  • With the State — Data Utility: Our Data Warehouse and the growing number of dashboards built on it help UHS and UH to succeed in the Data Management & Governance and Data Analytics components of this TX-DIR goal.



  • Over 1.5TB of data hosted in the University Data Warehouse to provide efficient data reporting and visualization capabilities for the UH community.
  • Current dashboards include Enrollment and Admissions, Parking and Transportation, Auxiliary Services Point-of-Sale, AccessUH and University Information Technology.
  • Implementation of dashboards for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which entails the collection, mapping and display of data in a unified environment.


  • Sustain the growth in data analytics with unified data integration processes, standardized data presentation tools/templates and a unified data visualization environment.
  • Provide a data analytics platform with built-in security that meets the needs of all users.


  • Expand the Unified Dashboard environment to include the Division of Administration & Finance
  • Continue supporting the emerging data analytics needs of Enrollment Services and Auxiliary Services