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Mission, Vision, Focus

Mission and Overarching Goals

Our mission is to serve our University’s colleges and administrative departments by focusing on three overarching goals:

  1. Deliver a suite of highly reliable and secure technology services
  2. Align with and serve our campus customers
  3. Support state-of-the-art student, financial, human resources and other information systems


Create value across the UH System by investing in infrastructure capacity and security, collaborative tools and newer, more efficient and greener technologies to enable growth in services and protect revenue.

Strategic Focus

  1. Create a reliable, secure, robust and cost-effective technology environment using industry best practices and technology
  2. Maintain the high performance campus network infrastructure and a robust wireless footprint
  3. Aggressively enhance security at the enterprise level and in customer environments
  4. Actively pursue opportunities with UH business owners to leverage enterprise applications services and functionality

We endeavor to achieve these objectives by:

  1. Engaging leadership in planning via our strategic priorities and our 10-year UIT Infrastructure forecast
  2. Creating a federation of university IT providers
  3. Developing and deploying UIT methodologies to the campus
  4. Establishing UIT customer service assurance
  5. Partnering with academic and administrative groups
  6. Improving and streamlining our internal processes and structures
  7. Increasing the credibility of UIT

Download our Strategic Priorities for FY 2020-2024 - Year 2 [PDF].