Building Our Future: The Strategic Planning Process - University of Houston
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Building Our Future: The Strategic Planning Process

UIT began assembling these Strategic Priorities in May 2019. We examined the latest IT trends in higher education alongside the goals of the University and proposed 11 priority areas. Then, we surveyed faculty, staff and students to rank these and propose any additions for consideration.

Over 130 participants contributed to these Strategic Priorities. The results of the survey are shown below:

1 Information Security 2.80
2 Continuity of Operations 2.76
3 Network Connectivity 2.75
4 Collaboration and Unified Communications 2.59
5 Data Management and Analytics 2.54
6 Shared Services 2.52
7 Mobile Technologies: UH Go 2.39
8 Blended Data Center 2.38
9 Academic Technologies 2.36
10 Research Computing 2.23
11 Internet of Things (IoT) 1.95

For each Strategic Priority, we then conducted a gap analysis to identify where we are today in alignment with our state mandates and university goals, where we see ourselves in the future and how we will get there. The next pages show the results of these efforts.