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An exempt staff member may be considered for additional compensation if s/he teaches a class, performs work outside the home college or division or at another component campus, or performs significantly different work outside the home department, in accordance with MAPP 02.01.06.

  • Teaching duties may cover the length of a semester.
  • Overloads other than teaching may not exceed a period of 90 days per assignment.
  • H-1B employees must not be considered for additional compensation without prior consultation with the Immigration Specialist. H1B employees should not be asked to perform any duties, even temporarily, that are outside the scope of the job classification listed on their H1B petition without prior approval and consultation with HR to determine the necessity for an amendment.  Such assignments have to be approved via an amendment to their original petition with USCIS.

All overloads must be approved on the appropriate forms in advance of any discussions or written communication with the employee and before any work is performed. Remind staff that the Additional Compensation is a request form for approval, not an agreement to provide services.

To request additional compensation, please use the Additional Compensation Request form located in the HR Forms library.