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Requirements for Graduation

Honors College students typically complete 36 credit hours of Honors coursework—which includes courses from the University core, major or minor degree plans, and electives—leading to graduation with University Honors. Students who enter the College in mid-career may choose to complete at least 21 credit hours to graduate with Collegiate Honors. All Honors College students elect whether to write a senior honors thesis to graduate with Honors in Major. In conjunction with an Honors advisor, students can determine the Honors graduation objective that best fits their needs.

University Honors

Students who complete 36 semester hours in the Honors College curriculum graduate with University Honors. Students who also elect to complete a senior honors thesis graduate with University Honors and Honors in Major.

Collegiate Honors

Students who complete a minimum of 21 semester hours in specified Honors coursework graduate with Collegiate Honors. Collegiate Honors students also have the option to complete one of three Honors minors to fulfill their Honors course requirements. Students who choose to complete a senior honors thesis in addition to these requirements graduate with Collegiate Honors and Honors in Major.

Membership in the Honors College with Honors in Major

Students who fulfill the requirements of their major with distinction and write a senior honors thesis graduate with Membership in the Honors College with Honors in Major. This option is specifically designed for those students already writing a thesis who wish to affiliate with Honors during their final year or two of study.